W4050 in detail

8th April 2001

Nose Rear fuselage/registration Base of tail fin and rear fuselage
Pitot tube Starboard nacelle and wing Starboard wing from the rear, aeleron actuator?
Port wing and nacelle Starboard engine and radiator Starboard radiator
Starboard radiator rear view Starboard engine inner flame damper, side view Starboard inner flame damper front
Starboard inner flame damper raer view showing saxaphone exhaust Starboard engine bulkhead Starboard engine bulkhead
Starboard engine, view from outboard. Note blanked off exhausts where rear of saxaphone exhaust would be mounted Starboard undercarriage Starboard air intake
undercarriage detail undercarriage detail Starboard undercarriage
Starboard outer flap hinge, view from underneath Starboard aeleron inner hinge, view from underneath Starboard fuselage side, immediately under the wing - this item appears to serve no useful purpose!
Starboard fuselage side immediately below the wing, immediately behind unknown item on fuselage side Port nacelle door - details of the modification to the undercarriage door when the nacelles were lengthened can be seen Front ot starboard bomb-bay door
Crew access hatch View into nose  
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