Mosquito VR796 awaiting restorationMost enthusiasts would be aware that at the present time there are just two de Havilland Mosquitos remaining airworthy. These are T Mk. 3 RR299 operated by British Aerospace, and Kermit Weeks' B.Mk.35 RS712 based (most of the time) at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In terms of airworthy potential, the next Mosquito likely to become airborne is another B.Mk35, the little known VR796 currently located in Canada. The former Spartan Air Services machine last flew in 1963 after which it was moved into storage before restoration commenced in earnest in the 1970s. This progressed to the point at which the airframe had been completed and most systems refurbished. The owners of this pristine and complete aeroplane have now reluctantly decided to rationalise their aircraft collection and the Mosquito is one machine that may be looking for a new home. With all of the hard work done it should not take terribly long to put the aeroplane back in the air, an event that will delight enthusiasts the world over. (Serious enquiries can be directed via 'Classic Wings'
Graham Orphan
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