Contacting me...

Contacting me by e-mail:

Important: Due to the ever increasing amount of spam e-mail I am receiving, I have taken the step of removing every copy of my e-mail address from the web site, except for the one below. The image shows my e-mail address, the image is a link to my e-mail address, however is has been protected by the addition of '.no.junk.mail' at the end of the address.

If you click the image below to e-mail me, you MUST remove the '.no.junk.mail' from the end of the address for it to work.

Andy Dawson's obfuscated e-mail address


Contacting me by snail mail:

Dr. Andy Dawson
Black Marble
Woodland Park
Bradford Road
Chain Bar
West Yorkshire
BD19 6BW

If you would prefer to send items to me at my home address rather than my work address, please contact me first at the above address or by e-mail to make suitable arrangements.