A&AEE: Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment, Boscombe Down
ADFU: Aircraft Delivery Flight Unit
AI: Airborne Interception (radar)
ASWDU: Air-Sea Warfare Development Unit
BAFO: British Air Forces of Occupation
CCPP: Coastal Command Preparation Pool, Bircham Newton
CRD: Controller of Research & Development
CU: Conversion Unit (numbered) or Communications Unit (unit prefixed)
Cat. E: Category E (non-repairable)
DAP: Department of Aircraft Production
DBR: Damaged Beyond Repair
DH: de Havilland
FIU: Fighter Interception Unit
FTR: Failed To Return
xxxxM: Instructional Airframe Number
MAC: Mediterranean Air Command
MTU: Mosquito Training Unit
MU: Maintenace Unit
NFT: No Further Trace
OTU: Operational Training Unit
PR: Photo Reconnaissance
PRU: Photo Reconnaissance Unit
R&D: Research and Development
RAAF: Royal Australian Air Force
RAE: Royal Aircraft Establishment
RAF: Royal Air Force
RIW: ?
RN: Royal Navy
RNZAF: Royal New Zealand Air Force
RP: Rocket Projectile (unguided rockets)
RR: Rolls-Royce
SAAF: South African Air Force
SAG: Second Aircraft Group
SOC: Struck Off Charge
SOR: Struck Off Register (?)
SU: Storage Unit (?)
TI: Trial Installation or Target Indicators
Trop.: Tropicalised
USAAF: United States Army Air Force
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