1998 Updates

26-10-98 Added a section for TH998 to the Phil Boroad Collection page.
Fixed some of the broken links on the links page - there *are* still one or two that don't work, so watch your step out there!
25-10-98 Modified the Kiwi Aircraft Images link on the links page to reflect the URL change and added a couple of new links.
Modified the type designation of A52-1054/NZ2308 on the Mosquito locations page to T.43 after receiving e-mail on the subject from Glyn Powell.
Modified the Mosquito books page to include links to Banner Books after receiving e-mail from them letting me know of their site.
14-9-98 Another month passes without me managing to do much to the pages! Work is really hectic at the moment and this gives me little time to update the web pages or answer e-mail. If you have e-mailed me and have not yet had an answer, I appologise, but I will get around to replying to everyone eventually.
I have finally moved the large images onto another server as Bridge8 appears to be out of commision more or less permanently now.  I have also fixed a couple of the links from thumbnails to large pictures that were broken. I have also added a couple of new links to the links page.
9-8-98 After another visit to the Mosquito Air Museum on the weekend of 1st August, some more photos of W4050 and TA634 have appeared. I got to sit in an Mosquito cockpit at long last, so most of the additions are interior shots. I also met Reg Davey, a navigator with 627 Squadron during the war, at the museum which made for a very interesting visit.
Bridge8, the computer to normally stores the great majority of the pictures on the site, has been up and down like a yo-yo for the last week (far more down than up though I believe) and so I will soon be moving the pictures to a different srever, hopefully one that will stay up and working!
 7-7-98 It's been a while since I have had time to do much with the site - my apologies.
I have finally got around to finishing the Windsor Star articles on the Windsor mosquito Bomber Group pages.
10-6-98 After visiting the Yorkshire Air Museum at the weekend, I have added some more pictures to the HJ711 page.
3-6-98 Fixed a couple of broken links on the links page. Modified some of the location information on the locations page to more accurately reflect 'real life' (tm). Added a page for NZ2336 at Mapua, Nelson, New Zealand after Brendon Deere sent me some pictures of this aircraft and added links to the web sites of those museums that I have information about accessible from the locations page.
25-5-98 The site has won an award! It has become one of those recommended by the Britannica Internet Guide.
10-5-98 I have finally got around to adding the pages for the interior shots of RS712 of The Phil Broad Collection , and a page of photographs of the photographers (plus a couple of others, including a picture of me) themselves! I have also added the same picture of me to the Mosquito images page. 
A link to a page of information about a 100-page cumulative index for AIR International prepared by Robert Stitt has been added to the title page.
8-5-98 *All* of the images on the site have now been moved to another server and will open in a separate browser window. I am going through the pages removing the *s, but some may survive for a while!
I have also added a couple some new pictures to the TA122, TA634 and Mosquito images pages after a recent visit to the Mosquito Air Museum.
24-4-98 Another Windsor Star article has been added to the Windsor mosquito Bomber Group pages. The Windsor Star articles have been updated with images where appropriate.
21-4-98 It's been a long while since the last update and for that I have work to blame - I guess that is what writing a PhD is all about! Sorry for the delay.
Anyway, the changes that have been made this time are the addition of three Windsor Star articles to the Windsor mosquito Bomber Group pages. More will appear there with time I promise.
11-3-98 I *finally* got around to finishing the RS712 external pages of the The Phil Broad Collection . Of course all I now have to do is sort out pages for the internal shots that Phil has just sent me!  (Sorry for the delay on these pages, I have been a little busy of late).
We also have another survivor!  TW117 is located at Norway's National Museum of Aviation.
23-2-98 Resampled all of the thumbnail pictures to date. The resultant thumbnails are now better quality AND typically 60% smaller - how's that for a result?!
22-2-98 Added a link to the Windsor mosquito Bomber Group pages from the title page.
Navigation bars have been added to the bottom of every html page on the site. I hope that this will make navigation around the site easier, especially for those people arriving at the site at one of the more 'outlying' pages.
19-2-98 Modified the Windsor Mosquito Bomber Group pages to include pictures of the recovery operation as well as the story of the Mosquitos crash in 1956.  Please read the note on the title page about images marked with a *.
Phil Broad has very generously sent me a large number of Mosquito photographs which can be found on The Phil Broad Collection page.  Phil plans to put the images on the internet himself, but has very kindly allowed me to 'scoop' him by putting them up here first.
7-2-98 Updated the books page with information from Jim Mandelblatt.
BTW, Jim is looking for an NTSC format video showing footage from the Amiens raid (not Mosquitos Airborne). If anyone has any information about such a video, could they please mail me with the information and I shall pass it on.
6-2-98 Created the 'Rumours' page containing rumours that I have heard about Mosquito survivors.
Added a link to the U-boat net Mosquito specific page to the links page.
9-1-98 Some of the aircraft images are going to have to be moved to another server as I am running out of space. This may make loading slightly (or a lot) slower. I shall mark the images that are on a different server, if anyone finds them unacceptably slow to load, could they mail me to let me know and I can arrange to rotate the images on a regular basis.
8-1-98 After another go with the scanner, added a page for TA639, which I visited last weekend, and modified the images page accordingly.
7-1-98 Added more pictures to the W4050, TA122 and images pages after a busy evening with the scanner.
Created this updates page!
6-1-98 Added links to The Canadian Historical Aircraft Association and George Rarey's World War II Air Force Cartoon Journals on the links page.
2-1-98 Added pages for LR480, RS709 and TH998 and updated the images page after the generous donation of pictures by Brendon Deere.
Added information about CF-HMR to the locations page and the story 'Mossie Down' detailing the crash of CF-HMR in 1956.
Greatly expanded the links page - too many new links to mention individually!
You can now register the site for automatic notification by e-mail of site updates (see the bottom of the title page).

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