1999 Updates
19-9-99 I finally got time to play with the scanner again and have added images of the fuselage of TJ118 and more photos of W4050 from my visit to the Mosquito Aircraft Museum in July.
16-9-99 Just a couple of quick updates this time: Added some text to go with the new photos on the Windsor Bomber Group page courtesy of Colin Hulse, and an image of the wing of NZ2305 courtesy of Phillip Treweek.

Yet more 'behind the scenes' updates - I believe that everything was fixed on the 7th so that it all works, and I am attempting to create a more logical structure, particularly for the images, so that my task of site maintenance is made even easier. Of course I have probably broken something in the process...

More photos of HJ711 (are these okay Tony?) and TA122 have been added after recent visits to their respective homes. There are more photos of TA122 to come and some new ones of the rear fuselage of TJ118 which has recently been acquired by the Mosquito Aircraft Museum (still no photos of the nose section though - maybe next visit) as soon as I get more time on the scanner.


The 'behind the scenes' updates continue - I am hoping that I have now fixed everything that needed fixing to get all of the pictures working again. If you find anything broken, please let me know. As usual the address is at the bottom of the page.

Added four new pictures on the Windsor Bomber Group page from an expedition last year to a Mosquito crash site in eastern Canada.

Added pages for NZ2328 and NZ2305 and updated the page for NZ2336 with pictures courtesy of Phillip Treweek.


"At long last!!" I hear you cry, "an update!!"
The good news is that after a rather hectic 6 months or so, I have finally submitted my PhD thesis and might now actually have some time to devote to the site once again! To say that I am looking forward to getting some updates done would be putting it mildly...

There have been a number of 'behind the scenes' updates to the site - the images had to move server a while ago for a variety of reasons and should all once again be working. I have updated the way that the javascript on the site loads which should make things far easier to change should they have to move again for any reason. If you experience problems, do please let me know.

I have joined the Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk associates programme, so on the books page you will see direct links to some of the books listed. Any money that I earn from this will be donated to a suitable organisation, currently I favour the Mosquito Air Museum. Let me know if you have any strong views on the subject.

After e-mailing the RNZAF Museum in New Zealand regarding their Mosquitos, I received a very helpful reply initially via e-mail and then via snail-mail from Therese Angelo, a Research Officer there giving me more information. Consequently the details of their examples on the locations page have been updated and links added to the RNZAF Museum web pages.

Er, I think that's it at the moment, if you see anything else that I have changed and not noted please let me know! I do have plenty more images, links, books and other general information to put up, but had to start somewhere...


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