2000 Updates

Following e-mail from Jim Dearborn, I have added a couple of 'new' Mosquitos to the list (MM625 and RG300) and have changed the details for a couple of others (PZ474 and TA717). Jim Dearborn owns the remains of TA717 and RG300 and plans to restore them both, one to flying status, one to static AND produce a replica of the Mosquito sent to the US Navy which apparently crashed somewhere on the US East coast! (Does anyone have further information on this aircraft they could send either me or Jim?).

I have also added a page for TA717 containing a brief history of the aircraft and its recovery from Mexico City.

There seems to be some uncertainty surrounding the exact registration of RF670/PF670 which was last noted (circa 1988) as being with the Confederate Air Force. If anyone can help clear this up, that would be a great help!

The Squadrons page is open for viewing - At the moment it consists simply of a list of the squadrons with which Mosquitos served, but rest assured, it will expand in time.

Fred Lacy kindly sent another story for the site, this time about a Beaufighter prang.

The books page has been expanded again, with one new book and several new cover images. Mark Huxtable also sent me a review of 'Terror in the Starboard Seat' by Dave McIntosh. The links page has also been updated with several new links. One in particular deserves a mention - Diverse Images - who I met at the launch of their prototype Mosquito model at the Mosquito Air Museum, London Colney on 25th November. Their aircraft models are superb!

And finally, Larry Sekula, the book you were looking for is 'The Shepherd' by Frederick Forsyth - e-mail to you bounced for the last e-mail address I had for you.



Sorry for the length of time since the last update - see www.museum-explorer.org.uk for details of what I have been up to!

I joined the 'Aviation Top 100' list a short while ago, anyone with high security settings on their web browsers may have noticed the browser requesting permission to run an 'unsafe' script - please don't worry about it!

I have put the Chinese Mosquito on the survivors list and also added an entry for the remains of RF670. I am not sure that either of these aircraft qualify and they may be removed again in the future when I get further details. The qualifier (as far as I am concerned anyway) is that other Mosquitos are also noted as 'parts only.'

I have added more books and cover scans to the books page. I feel that the books page is getting a little unwieldy as it gets larger, however it still takes only about 7-8 seconds to display all of the text on my computer at home (running across a 33.6 modem) - if anyone viewing these pages has strong views please let me know.

Fixed a mailto: problem on this updates page - it turned out to be the section below talking about the new server and asking for feedback should things stop working properly!

I have also added an addendum to Frederick Lacey's story that was sent to me by Mike Packham, another image of the cockpit of NZ2336 from Mark Wade, and last, but by no means least, a history of TA122.



Good news about VR796 (formerly CF-HML) - the aircraft has been sold! VR796 will remain in Canada, where the new owner intends restoring her to fly again.



Added the histories for W4050, TV959 and TA719 to their respective pages. Added an entry for 'Mosquito Monograph to the books page - does anyone know where I might be able to get hold of a copy (or two) of this book?

As I mentioned in August last year when I joined the Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com associates programmes, any money I earned from their scheme was to be donated to the Mosquito Aircraft Museum at London Colney. The first donation of £32.42 has just been posted to them, so thank you to all the people who bought books through this site!



Another quick update: The new server is up and running and from here (about 2.5 feet away) it seems to be fine - please let me know if you experience any problems with the site. Mark Wade also sent me a couple more images, of NZ2305 this time.



Just a quick update this time: Mark Wade sent me several more images for the site, one of NZ2382 and four of NZ2328. I finally added the B.35 variant to the variants page (after forgetting to do so for months) and my scanner has once again been in use, with more book covers added to the books page.

Now for what has been taking my time up for the last few weeks: Within the next week a new server should go in to replace the current computer serving the images for this site - it should all be totally painless and no-one should notice the change (except things might be faster), however if the worst does happen and things stop working please let me know. The new server is mainly for additional projects which should be going online soon, however it should also be far more reliable than the 486 which is doing the work at the moment!



Added a few more books to the list on the books page and plenty more cover images to go with those already there. I have also added a page for 'Fears of the Brave' after meeting the author, Alan Root, at the recent 60th Anniversary celebrations at the Mosquito Air Museum. Still on the subject of books, James Pernikoff sent me an article he wrote for his local IPMS chapter newsletter a while ago that contains a brief review of a number of Mosquito books (sorry its taken me so long to sort this out James).

Mark Wade sent me a couple of images, one of NZ2305 and one of NZ2336 which have been added to their respective pages.

Frederick Lacy sent me his story 'Double Engine Failure' which has been added to the stories page.



Added history to the page for RK952. Added an appropriately marked plan view of a T.III to the page for TV959 to show the location of the cut that removed the outer wing section. Added several images to the page for HJ711. Added a page for NZ2308 (Glyn Powell's rebuild). The Windsor Mosquito Bomber Group have clarified the origin of the story 'Mossie Down' which has therefore been appropriately credited. I have also started adding more book cover images to the books page - only a couple more at the moment as the scanner I was using has quit on me!

Markus Schmidt sent me a couple of photographs of the Beijing Aviation Museum's Mosquito. While not being classed as a survivor (only the remains of the port wing survive), the photographs of the aircraft are interesting in their own right.

Last, but by no means least, the articles page is now open for viewing. At the moment the only items on it are the two Classic Wings Downunder Magazine articles that were on the site until recently. Rest assured though the list will grow longer fairly soon!



Just a couple of quickies this time - Added a few more images of progress from the Windsor Mosquito Bomber Group to the Windsor page, added a page for RK952, added a page for TV959 and checked the links from the links page (a couple are not working at the moment, but these are marked appropriately).

I have also added a mirror of this site on http://mosquito.mech.brad.ac.uk, the server that is serving the images for the site at the moment. If the Demon server is slow, try using the above site instead, however please be warned that I use this version as a test site from time to time so occasionally strange things might happen!



After something of a break from updates, I have finally got around to doing something with the site! Those of you who look in from time to time will, I am sure, have noticed a slight change...

As well as a few cosmetic changes to the site (which have also simplified future updates as well), I have also managed some material updates as well: I have created pages with individual aircraft histories for NZ2355, NZ2383 and NZ2382, added individual histories to the pages for NZ2305, LR480, HJ711 and NZ2328 and have modified the formatting of the page for RS712.

In addition I have also added internal links to the variants page and modified some of the links for various museums to the locations page.

The physical location of the large images for the site has also once again changed, this time however to a web server under my control! The new server, although being a slower computer is on a faster piece of network, so I hope that no-one has noticed any reduction in load time for these images.

Please note at this stage that I have more work in the pipeline (images donated/scanned, just need adding to pages and so on), but thought it was about time you saw at least some of the work that has been done!



Welcome to the year 2000 everyone! I hope that you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

The links page has been updated, with several new links added and the dead links removed. The whole page still needs something of a review at the moment.

The books page has been updated. The page has been reorganised with the books now sorted alphabetically by primary author surname. Some books have had images of their covers added. Several books have been added to the list, though it should be noted that (as usual) as soon as I had 'finished' the page, several more came to light!

I have added a history and some pictures (courtesy of Douglas Bentley) of RS712. Eventually I hope to add a history for each of the surviving Mosquitos.

I have finally finished sorting out the image locations on the web server, so hopefully all of the thumbnails and images will now load okay. I haven't yet got around to sorting out the images page, so for the moment I am going to take it off-line. Almost all of the images are available through the locations page by clicking on the link for the individual aircraft. The images page will probably be reorganised and put back on-line at some point in the future.

Another page has been added to the site - personal stories. At the moment there is but one story present, that of David van Vlymen, but I hope to put more up in the near future. If you have a story you would like posting on the site, please let me know. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the page. (And yes, I am quite happy transcribing taped interviews, taking notes etc. and turning them into stories, basically whatever is necessary.)

And last, but by no means least, the home page for the this site can now be accessed at http://www.mossie.org!


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