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After something of a delay, welcome to the latest update!

As I a sure you will have noticed, the site has changed somewhat since the last update - it now has a new homepage and navigation bar, along with a FAQ, a forum, a donated images page and a models page!

The books page now has an entry for 'Night Flyer' along with reviews of 'Fighter Nights' and 'Nightfighter' by Mark Huxtable.

I have updated the entry for 105 Squadron on the Squadrons page and added information for 4, 8, 23, 109 and 418 Squadrons.

The pages for TJ118, NZ2305 and NZ2308 have received image updates.

A couple of errors crept into the articles page at the last update, these have been corrected and several additions made. A couple more links have been added to the links page.

Peter Verney's story 'Post war use of the Mosquito in the M.E.A.F.' has also been added to the stories page.

Please note: These web pages will not be available for Saturday the 16th of June.



Starting again with updates to the books page, I have added quite a number to the list, a good many of which David Vanhoucke sent me information on, and cover images of. Mark Huxtable sent me two more reviews, the first is of 'Mosquito' by Sharp and Bowyer, the second is of 'And The Walls Came Tumbling Down' by Jack Fishman. I have also added information on the Mosquito Camouflage Schemes CD be ing produced by Aeroslides.

The articles page has had a fairly large update, if anyone can add more to the list, could you please e-mail me with details?

I have added more images of the restoration of TA719 (courtesy of Buz), TA122's fuselage following attention from Skysport Engineering and TA634 from the 60th Anniversary celebrations held at the de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre, London Colney, on 27th August 2000. I have also added a new set of photos showing progress by the Windsor Mosquito Bomber Group courtesy of Bill Harris and Dave Crawford.

Also receiving an update this time around, the links page has had a number of new links added, the variants page has been updated slightly after one or two ommisions were pointed out to me and the Squadrons page has had a profile of 105 Squadron added courtesy of Neil Hutchinson.

After spending some time programming, the production page is now up and running. At the moment the database contains only a limited amount of information (series W, DD and DK), however I intend to improve the situation fairly soon. If anyone manages to break anything while they are using it, could you please let me know?

Two final things of note this update:

Firstly, Netmind have decided to start charging web masters to use their Mindit service. Until now, at the bottom of my updates page I have had a simple form into which users could enter their e-mail address and automatically be notified when registered pages changed. Netmind have started charging $795 for this simple service, a charge which I simply cannot afford. It is still free to sign up with their personal service (located here) which I urge anyone who wants to continue reveiving updates to do. To register, follow the link above and enter 'www.mossie.org/Mosquito.html' into the box, click the 'Mindit' button and you will be guided through the rest of the process. Please e-mail me if you have problems registering with the service. As an alternative, I can arrange to send out an e-mail to anyone who would like to be notified of updates to the site. If you would like to be added to such a list, please e-mail me.

Secondly, at some point this year, these web pages will no longer be available from www.utopianconcepts.demon.co.uk - the pages made the move to www.mossie.org a while ago, which has now become their permanent home. Please update all your links and bookmarks.



Welcome to the first update of 2001!

Starting with the updates to the books page, I have added Mark Huxtable's review of 'Mosquito: The Wooden Wonder' and also noted that the 4th edition of the book is now available. I have also added 'Pursuit Through Darkened Skies', 'At First Sight' (though I can find little information about it at the moment), a cover image for 'Mosquito' by Bill Sweetman and Rikyu Watanabe and the authors of 'Aero Detail #23' to the books page.

After a number of helpful messages, I have added the Mosquito types of Jim Dearborn's Mosquitos to the locations page. Jim Stockwell provided me with two images of TA719 under restoration and Dave Crawford sent me two images of RS709. Dave Crawford and Gary Armstrong also sent me a number of images of the latest progress by the Windsor Mosquito Bomber Group.

I have started adding listings for individual squadrons on the squadrons page - only two at the moment, 141 Squadron and 1 PRU.

And finally, after a bit of jiggery pokery with the DNS, www.mossie.org now works as it should!



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