2002 Updates


A quick update this time - More data added to the 'W' series of Mosquitos in the production database. I have also added a page of abbreviations with links from the data in the production database.

Please let me know if you come across any problems - Andy.



I hope that I have finally fixed all of the errors that seem to have crept into the last update:

The page for TJ118 has had the links to Robert Rushton's images fixed, the page for VP189 has had the links to the larger size imaged corrected, the link to the large version of John Sheraton's image of the Chinese Mosquito now has the correct filename associated with it and the page for NZ2305 now exists again!

The donated files page now has the correct links for www.real.com and www.winamp.com. I have also created a 'donated images' redirection page for the people that seem to keep wanting to visit it!

A number of other minor 'internal' errors have also been sorted out.

Please let me know if you come across any more problems - Andy.



A couple of errors that crept into the last update have been fixed.

The books page has received an update: corrections to James Pernikoff's book review links, another edition of 'Terror in the Starboard Seat' and 'DeHavilland - FlyPast Reference Library' have been added and cover images for 'Modellers datafile 1 - The de Havilland Mosquito - A comprehensive guide for the modeller' and 'Mosquito Portfolio' have been added.

A page for TW117 has been added. The page for NZ2355 has gained a photograph and the history for the aircraft has been updated. Robert Rushton's e-mail address has been updated on the page for TJ118.

On the models page, Steve Walker's flying Mosquito model has recieved three more images, along with a link update to larger versions of the images on the page.



After something of a delay, a fairly large update:

The production database has undergone something of a radical change - the production page itself has changed very little, but the data and code behind it have been significantly expanded. The database now contains a full 'initial build' of data which will be expanded soon.

Mosquitos VP189 and KB336 have received their own pages, Mosquitos TA122, HJ711, NZ2308 and the Chinese Mosquito have received updates to their pages. W4050 has received a section of detailed images. The locations page has also had a couple of minor updates.

The books page has had a couple of additions: The original 1965 print of 'Profile Aircraft No.52', the 1971 reprint of 'Profile Aircraft No.52' and 'Scramble'. Several books have gained images of their covers: 'The Gates Burst Open', 'The Mosquito Log', 'Mosquito Monograph' (I finally got hold of a copy!) and 'Aircam Aviation Series No 28'. Others have gained large versions of their cover images: 'Mosquito' by Sweetman and Watanabe, 'Samolot wielozadaniowy Mosquito', 'Night Flyer', 'Mosquito Mk.II', 'Pursuit Through Darkened Skies', 'Mission Completed' and 'Cat's Eyes Cunningham'. 'Strike and Strike Again' has moved sections to the 'related' books from the 'Mosquito specific'.

Reviews of 'Mosquito: A Pictorial History of The DH98' and 'Mosquito: The Illustrated History' (both by Alan Dicey), 'Mosquito Portfolio', 'Mosquito' by Sweetman and Watanabe, 'The Mosquito Manual' and 'Six Aces' (all by Mark Huxtable) have also been added.

The donated images page has been renamed 'donated files' as it now contains files other than images! The number of images at the top of the page has been increased and a new computer wallpaper has been added. At the bottom of the page, a number of sounds have now also been added - Mosquito start-up, flypast and the whole sequence in one go.

The Mosquito variants page has received a few minor updates.

The Mosquito models page has had a section for Steve Walker's flying Mosquito model added, along with a large increase in the number of images for Neil Hutchinson's flying Mosquito model.

Peter Verney sent me another story - The last Mosquito Night Fighter Navigator which has been added to the stories page.

Finally, the Squadrons page has had a number of additions and updates. Pages for 11, 13, 14, 18, 25, 27, 85, 139 and 605 Squadrons have been added, the pages for 4, 8, 23 and 418 Squadrons have been modified.

A couple of minor errors that were introduced have also been fixed (though I am quite sure I have introduced new ones...)

Please let me know if you think I have missed anything, or you run into problems! Note also that if you have sent me anything for inclusion in the update which hasn't actually made it, I will get to it eventually!



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