Site updates in 2003


After a few minor niggles with the new server setup and DNS entries, everything seems to be working properly again (sorry to anyone who has been trying to get onto the site overnight). Please let me know if you are having any problems with the site now that it is on a new server.



Although there doesn't seem to be many changes on the surface of the site (more of those to come soon!), things 'behind the scenes' have been proceeding apace. As those of you who use the forum may have noticed, the forum seemed to be down for about 24 hours - this was to allow me to move the entire site to a new server and upgrade the forum software at the same time. As usual, if you have any problems, let me know.

I have also fixed a couple of problems that I have noticed with the site - on the models page, the images of the flying models were not being shown, and the navigation bar on the left of each page had not been updated to include the history section of the site.



The donated files page and the page for RS712 have received some image updates courtesy of Gordon Ingham. TJ118's page has gained another image, TA639's page has gained a number of images (most courtesy of Michael Sibley) and TA719's page has gained 9 images.

The history section of the site is now open for viewing, albeit in a rather limited form at the moment - more Mosquito history to come soon!



Mosquitos TV959 and TA719 have received updates to their pages with some images taken at Duxford earlier this month. I have also added some images for NZ2382/HR339 and NZ2328 taken in April 2002.

Please note that it is my intention to move The Mosquito Page to a new web server in the very near future. The move should be more or less tranparent, however the forum will have to be taken off-line temporarily while the move is in progress. The forum should be back up and running again on the new server within 24 hours of the move.



I've spent a little time sorting out some of the internals of the site to make my life a little easier. None of the shuffling around should have impacted any of the pages, but if you do spot something that use to work but now doesn't, perhaps you can drop me a note to let me know.



Following news of TV959's imminent departure from our shores, I have updated TV959's page to include some recent photos that have kindly been donated by Martin Claydon and Rob Leigh.

HJ711's page has also been updated with some detailed shots from 2002 - More to come soon!



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