Site Updates in 2004


The models page has been updated with information on the new Corgi Mosquitoes available, along with those coming soon.

The FAQ page has been updated with changes made to the section related to the Mosquito Aircrew Association. Please note: The members of The Mosquito Aircrew Association have voted to wind the Association up at the end of this year. One final issue of 'The Mossie' (the journal of the MAA) is due to be produced in the New Year. If you have only just discovered that the Association existed, and would like to contact someone from the MAA, please write in the first instance to Tony Wilson. The address for correspondance is on the FAQ page.

The locations page has also been updated to include the new name for the USAF Museum, The National Museum Of The United States Air Force, along with a few details of the ownership of TV959.

The books page has also been updated with information on 'Focus on Europe' by Ron Foster.



Only a small update this time - one or two additions to the books page (specifically the addition of "Squadron Leader Robert C Muir DFC 605 Squadron 'County of Warwick' Royal Air Force", plus a couple of cover images) along with a bug fix to cure a problem whereby some links were not displayed correctly.



In an attempt to reduce the volume of spam e-mail I am receiving at the moment, I have changed the way that my contact details appear on this web site. All contact details now link to the contact page. Note that my e-mail address is 'disguised' on the contact page - please read the information on the contact page for further details.

If anyone else whose e-mail address appears on thise site would like their address similarly disguising, please contact me.

Please note that some e-mail addresses on this site in addition to mine are now disguised in a similar fashion.



Only a small update this time, 'Mosquito Panik' by Martin Bowman has been added to the books page, and more details of 'Modelling the De Havilland Mosquito' by Roy Sutherland have also been added.



After the maintenance work last week the server seems to be running well and now has lots more disk space for updates!

A few small updates this week: TA719 has received several image updates courtesy of Martin Claydon. The 109 Squadron page has received a minor correction (W/C R.C.F.Law DFC should have been W/C R.C.E.Law DFC) thanks to Stephen Hill for the information. I've also added two new stories to the stories page, both courtesy of Norman Malayney, derived from his copyright manuscript on the 25th BG history.



Two new images of TJ138 have been added courtesy of Brendon Deere. Several of the larger versions of Brendon Deere's recent images have also been 'upgraded' from the original 800x600 versions to 2288x1712 versions.

Several images of TA719 have also been added courtesy of Martin Claydon.



The models page has been updated with details of the Corgi die-cast Mosquito models available and the Franklin Mint (Armour) die-cast Mosquito models available.

The donated files page has been updated with 2 images courtesy of Barry Pemberton.

TA719's page has been updated with an image from 1989 courtesy of Len Harvey. The page for TJ138 has also been updated with images courtesy of ChrisFrear-Butterfield and Brendon Deere.



The pages for TA122 and W4050 have gained some extra images, these taken on the 3rd of April 2003. TA719's page has received a couple of extra images courtesy of Martin Claydon. The page for TW117 has received an extra image courtesy of Mikael Olrog and pages have been created for HR621 and A52-319 showing images also from Mikael Olrog.



TA719's page has received a couple of extra images courtesy of Martin Claydon. The page for TA639 has been updated with a set of images taken on the 14th of February.

Several errors in the code for the books page have been corrected. I have also updated the links from the review pages that linked back to the old books page, so they now point to the correct page. For all those surfing directly into the books page from the Google image search facility, I have now set up a redirection page to send you to the correct location.



The models page has been updated with details of the Matchbox 1/72 scale Mk.IX/NF.30 Mosquito kit (thanks to James Pernikoff for supplying details and photos) and the Revell 1/32 scale Mk.IV Mosquito kit (thanks to Mark Proulx for supplying details and photos). I have also updated the flying models section with details and photos of Lars Baeter's Mosquito (sorry its taken me so long Lars).

The pages for TA719 and TV959 hav been updated with a photos taken at Flying Legends 2002. The page for TA122 has been updated with some photos taken in April 2003 and some photos taken in July 2002. The page for W4050 has also been updated with photos from July 2002. HJ711's page has been updated with photos taken in August 2002.

The FAQ page has been updated and now has a section dealing with Mosquito scale drawings/plans.



After quite a delay (sorry!) I've updated the following:

The books page has been entirely re-done and is now created dynamically from a database. The number of books has also gone up quite a bit, with 175 listed at the moment and a few more to go on in the near future! I have also added a search facility and a book suggestion page - if there is anything you'd like to see added to the book list, please suggest it. At the moment each section of the page displays all the books on one page - if anyone would like the default behaviour changing so that a maximum of (say) 30 books appears per section, please let me know.

The donated files page has been updated with 4 images of RR299 from Steven Howe, 5 images of RR299 from Guillaume Ravery and 1 image of RR299 from Krister Lindblad.

A page has been created for VR796 after Richard Horney and Jeff Robinson sent me a selection of images. VR796 seems to be making excellent progress! A page has also been created for RS700 after Jeff Robinson sent me some photos. RS700 is in storage, pending restoration at Calgary Aerospace Museum, Alberta, Canada. VP189's page has been updated with some pictures from Jeff Robinson.

The pages for TJ138 and TA719 have been updated with some images from Martin Claydon.

The page for NZ2308 has also been updated after I received some more images from Glyn Powell (some via Chris Hinch).

David van Vlymen sent me an addendum to his story 'Un-Gluing the Mosquito', which has been added.

Many thanks also to everyone who has sent me items, or allowed me to use items on the site, that I have not dealt with yet - In order to get an update done sometime this year, I'm trying to get things done bit by bit! I will get to everything eventually...



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