Site updates in 2005


The articles page has received another small update. The books page has also been updated with the addition of a further 30 books and a minor programming error has also been corrected.

The pages for TA122 and TA634 have been updated with photos from Darren Harbar. The page for A52-600 has also been updated with images courtesy of The Mosquito Aircraft Association of Australia. A minor correction has also been made to the page for NZ2305 - the entusiast who discovered the remains of NZ2305 was Charles Darby (thanks to Richard Wesley).

The models page has been updated. The page for Neil Hutchinson's Mosquito has been updated with some recent images. Pages have also been created for Uleke Hoogeveen's Mosquito and Fridtjof Schuessler's Mosquito.



Only a small update this time. The articles page has been updated, mainly courtesy of information provided by Walter Lamb. The locations page has also been updated to more accurately reflect the current locations of a number of Mosquitoes.



Sorry once again for the delay in updating the site. This time however I have a good excuse, I was getting married!

The pages for The Windsor Mosquito Bomber Group have been updated, please note the new contact details in addition to images of their progress.

The pages for A52-319, HR621 and TA122 have all been updated with images courtesy of Brendon Deere. The page for NZ2305 has been updated with images courtesy of Marcus Bridle.

William Grey's story 'Wartime Memories' has been added to the stories page

In addition, several minor errors that had crept in have been fixed and the great majority of the site is now HTML 4.01 transitional compliant!



Happy New Year!

The page for RS712 has been updated with a set of recent pictures (October 2004) courtesy of Mark Nankivil. The page for TA719 has also been updated with further images from Martin Claydon.

In addition, a page has been created for for A52-600 showing some images of the aircraft courtesy of the Mosquito Aircraft Association of Australia, and a history of the aircraft.

Minor corrections and additions have also been made to the locations page.



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