Site Updates 2008

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The Locations page has been updated to include the latest information on Bob Jens' Mosquito CF-HML.

The page for RS712 has also been updated with a collection of photos from Oshkosh in July very kindly sent by Brendon Deere.



The Locations page and the Links page have been updated to include links to The Calgary Mosquito Society and Glyn Powell's Mosquito Aircraft Restoration web sites.



The FAQ page has been updated to reflect changes in the way that Service Records should be requested.

I've also made an interim update to the books page to correct a couple of problems that had shown up and to remove th suggestion page. Unfortunately the suggestion page has done little but generate lots and lots of spam for me, and only one sensible suggestion regarding a book in all of the time it's been up. Interestingly several people have sent me genuine suggestions for books, but obviously without looking at the rest of the site first...



The Articles page has been updated with a significant number of additions. Many thanks also to Nev Mines for providing information on the Classic Wings articles since publication began.



The updates page has gained an RSS feed. The FAQ page has also been updated with information on the RSS feed.



The locations page, the links page and the page for A52-600 have had an update to add links to The Mosquito Aircraft Association of Australia's web site.



The books page has been updated with some new additions to the lsit of books and where appropriate ISBN-13 numbers have been added.



The search facilities on the books page and production page have been fixed. Sorry to anyone who has been trying to use them and getting no results!



Peter Lewis ( sent me some images of NZ2305 which have been added to the site.

The locations page has also received some minor updates.



Craig Cobolt very kindly sent me another set of images of KA114 under restoration with the wing attached. These have been added to the KA114 page.



The models page has been updated to reflect the planned release this year of a new Corgi 1/72 scale Mosquito model and an Airfix 1/24 Mosquito (fighter version).

Craig Cobolt sent me a number of images of KA114 under restoration which have been added to the KA114 page.



Following a rather hectic year in 2007 (change of job followed 7 weeks later by the birth of my daughter!) I am hoping to have a little more time this year to get updates done on the site...

As mentioned on the forum, I have finally moved the site to another hosting provider, something I've been meaning to do for over 7 months. I've taken the opportunity also to correct some of the minor niggles with the site.



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