Site Updates 2009

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The squadrons page has been updated with a link to the 404 Squadron RCAF website.

The page for NZ2336 has been updated with an image from Peter Lewis (

The articles page has received a fairly large update and the models page has received an update as well.

The locations page has also been updated to reflect the latest information on Bob Jens' Mosquito CF-HML, which is currently under restoration to airworthiness at Victoria International Airport by Victoria Air Maintenance Ltd.

Last, but by no means least, the books page has received a minor code update to correct some rendering issues.



The page for TA122 has been updated following work in March to reassemble the aircraft.



The production page has been updated to eliminate a few errors in the way that some of the results were rendered.



The books page has been updated and now includes over 360 books.



The models page has been updated with a photo courtesy of Martin Bull of the pre-production Corgi model of the Prototype Mosquito.

The page for TA719 has been updated with images taken in July 2008.



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