Fears of the Brave

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Fears of the Brave is a graphic, skillfully constructed and often wittily written novel account of the war as seen through the eyes of a young man who volunteers for the RAF in 1942.

James Hayes is sent to Winnipeg in Canada for air training as an Observer where he qualifies with the rank of Sargeant. Having completed 44 dangerous operational flights over Germany and seen many of his colleagues maimed or killed, James is plagued by doubts about his own ability to complete his scheduled 55 missions. He is tempted to risk disgrace, charges of Lack of Moral Fibre (LMF) a euphemism for cowardice, but a coincidental moment of prayer in a local church and the support of his batwoman, Molly, resolve him to complete his duty and he ends the war with an officer's commission and a DFC.

Alan Root was born in Bray, Berkshire in 1923, was educated, to misuse a perfectly respectable word, at Maidenhead. He joined R.A.F. aircrew at 18. Awarded navigator's wings in Canada, he survived two operational tours through the ineptitude of German anti-aircraft gunners and the blindness of their night-fighters. Demobilised, he married, joined an American publisher where, through dismissals and resignations, he became International Managing Director. Among his few achievements is the production of four beautiful daughters and in 1999, the year of his Golden Wedding Anniversary, this novel.

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L to R: Penelope Root, Alan Root and  Christiane Leeson
L to R: Penelope Root, Alan Root the author of Fears of the Brave and Christiane Leeson, 27th August 2000 at the Mosquito Air Museum, London Colney
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