Andy Dawson's review of 'S/L Robert C Muir DFC 605 Squadron 'County of Warwick' Royal Air Force' by John M Jakobsson and Robin D W Norton


Squadron Leader Robert C Muir DFC 605 Squadron 'County of Warwick' Royal Air Force contains a brief account of some of the activites of Squadron Leader Robert Muir during his time with 605 Squadron.

At only 20 pages, this book was smaller than I had anticipated. It does however provide a very interesting (if limited) insight into some of the more 'exciting' missions with which S/L Muir was involved. A number of brief accounts of ops are provided, the majority of them listed as being with W/C "Sammy" Hoare, the Commanding Officer of 605 Squadron at the time.

Also included are a number of photographs, copies of newspaper reports and log book pages along with a score with W/C Hoare, all of which helped provide an insight into 605 Squadron activities.

All in all, this book provides a fascinating insight into the activities of one man serving with 605 Squadron, it is however a shame that it is so short - I would love to see a more comprehensive version be made available in the future.

Andy Dawson, September 2004

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