14 Squadron

(In Arabic) - 'I spread my wings and keep my promise', an extract from the Koran suggested by the Emir of Transjordan.
Squadron Code(s):
Dates Mosquitos on Squadron Strength:
June 1945 to February 1951
Mosquito Variant(s) Flown:
FB.VI (June 1945 to March 1946)
B.XVI (April 1946 to October 1947)
B.35 (December 1947 to February 1951)
Main Base(s):
Banff (1st June 1945)
Wahn (1st April 1946)
Celle (September 1949)
Fassberg (November 1950)
Commanding Officer(s):


Aircraft Examples:
HR373; HR436, 'J'; PF544, 'F'; PF612, 'G'; PF618; PZ415; PZ466; RF646; RS501; RS625; MM192; RS704, 'B'; TA694, 'S'; TA707; TH999, 'A'; TJ141; TK602; VP202; VR799
14 Squadron crest
Examples of Types of Operations:

This unit was formed after No 143 Squadron was re-titled - this latter squdron had been an anti-shipping unit based at Banff. This role continued until the end of March 1946, at which point the squadron was disbanded, however the number was used once again when No 128 Squadron in Germany was renumbered at the start of April 1946.

Further Reading:
Mosquito Squadrons of the RAF by Chaz Bowyer


Squadron profile provided by Mark Huxtable.
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