27 Squadron

Quam celerrime ad astra ('With all speed to the Stars')
Squadron Code(s):
Dates Mosquitos on Squadron Strength:
(April) December 1943 to March 1944
Mosquito Variant(s) Flown:
Main Base(s):
Argatala (February 1943)
Parasharam (February 1944)
Commanding Officer(s):

Wg Cdr H. C. Daish (December 1942)
Wg Cdr E. J. B. Nicholson VC (August 1943)

Aircraft Examples:
DZ695; DZ696; DZ697; HJ759; HJ760; HJ770; JH811; HJ813; HX821; HX822; HX945; HK946; LR310.
HX822 made the Squadron's first official operational sortie on Christmas Day 1943, with Wg Cdr E. J. B. Nicholson VC at the controls. However, DZ695 was the first Mosquito to be delivered to a Far East squadron, when it arrived in April 1943.
27 Squadron crest
Examples of Types of Operations:

This unit was re-formed in September of 1942 in India, and began flying Beaufighter sorties against Japanese targets. Although the first Mosquito to arrive on Squadron was delivered in April of 1943, official conversion did not start until December of that year, with the first such sortie flown on Christmas Day.

A number of troubles plagued the deployment of the Mosquito in the Far East - all operations were halted for some time due to difficulties with the original glue - formaldehyde glue was later used with more success. The Squadron eventually reverted to Beaufighters, sending some of its Mosquitoes to 680 Squadron.

Further Reading:
Mosquito Squadrons of the RAF by Chaz Bowyer


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