25 Squadron

Feriens Tego ('Striking I Defend')
Squadron Code(s):
Dates Mosquitos on Squadron Strength:
October 1942 to August 1951
Mosquito Variant(s) Flown:
NF.II (October 1942 to December 1943)
NF.XVII (December 1943 to December 1944)
NF.30 (October 1944 to September 1946)
NF.36 (October 1946 to August 1951)
Main Base(s):
Church Fenton (October 1942)
Acklington (December 1943)
Coltishall (February 1944)
Castle Camps (October 1944)
Bradwell Bay (July 1945)
Castle Camps (August 1945)
Boxted (June 1946)
West Malling (September 1946)
Commanding Officer(s):

Sqn Ldr E. G. Watkins AFC (September 1942)
Sqn Ldr J. L. Shaw (March 1943)
Wg Cdr S. N. L. Maude DFC (April 1943)
Wg Cdr C. M. Wight-Boycott DSO (October 1943)
Wg Cdr L. J. C. Mitchell (September 1944)
Wg Cdr W. Hoy DFC (April 1945)
Sqn Ldr R. Gouchcer DFC (December 1945)

Aircraft Examples:
DD733; DD746; DD748; DD752; DD755; DD756; DD759; DD782; DZ238; DZ258; DZ655; DZ685; DZ759; HJ645; HJ649; HJ653; HJ654; HJ713; HJ743; HJ757; HJ914; HK237; HK243; HK255; HK257; HK258; HK278; HK283; HK285; HK298; HK304; HK357; HK362; HP853; HX827; HK866; KA280, 'Z'; MM810, 'Y'; MT471, 'C'; MT483, 'S'; MT487, 'L'; MV524, 'T'; MV528,'F'; NT245, 'D'; NT378, 'G'; NT425, 'H'; NT508, 'L'; NT541, 'P'; PZ200, 'A'; RK969, 'X'; RK960, 'B'; RK980, 'F'; RL120, 'A'; RL123, 'F'; RL124, 'G'; RL176, 'D'; RL181, 'C'; RL204, 'Y'; RL212, 'H'; RL243, 'G'
25 Squadron crest
Examples of Types of Operations:

This unit had a long history, dating back to early in WWI. They were also the first-ever radar night-fighter squadron, achieving this distinction using Bristol Blenheims in summere of 1939. After using various other aircraft, the squadron received its first Mosquitos in late October, 1942. While night-fighting was the Squadron's bread and butter, some Ranger missions were undertaken, for which one flight was equiped with the FB.VI.

The Squadron really came into its own with the Mosquito in 1944 - in March five Luftwaffe bombers fell to 25 Squadron in a single night, and in June the aircraft were assigned to intercept incoming V-1 buzz bombs. The NF.30 was on strength from October that year, with NF.36s following during the Squadron's peacetime duties in September 1946.

Further Reading:
Mosquito Squadrons of the RAF by Chaz Bowyer


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