605 Squadron

Nunquam Dormio ('I Never Sleep')
Squadron Code(s):
Dates Mosquitos on Squadron Strength:
3rd February 1943 to July 1948
Mosquito Variant(s) Flown:
Main Base(s):
Ford (June 1942)
Castle Camps (March 1943)
Bradwell Bay (October 1943)
Manston (April 1944)
Hartford Bridge (November 1944)
Coxyde (B71) (March 1945)
Volkel (B80) (April 1945)
Honiley (May 1946)
Commanding Officer(s):

Wg Cdr G. Denholm DFC (August 1942)
Wg Cdr C. D. Tomalin DFC, AFC (May 1943)
Wg Cdr B. R. O'B Hoare DSO, DFC (September 1943)
Wg Cdr N. J. Starr DFC (April 1944)
Wg Cdr R. A. Mitchell DFC (September 1944)
Wg Cdr A. W. Horne DFC, AFC (March 1945)
Sqn Ldr R.J. Walker (June 1946)

Aircraft Examples:
DZ657; DZ684; DZ714; DZ716, 'L'; DZ717, 'O'; DZ723; DZ724, 'S'; DZ760, 'K'; HJ761, 'P'; HJ768; HJ775, 'U'; HJ778,'A'; HJ784, 'F'; HJ790, 'R'; HJ809, 'D'; HR203; HR205; HR338; HR349; HX823, 'B'; HX953; MM415; MM790, 'F'; NS876; NS880; NS892; NS936; NT114; NT153; NT155; NT186; NT291; NT479; NT590; PZ312; PZ355; PZ373; PZ377; PZ453; RS678, 'T'; RS557; SZ967; SZ980; SZ984; T122; TA381; TAA383; TE809
605 Squadron crest
Examples of Types of Operations:

Number 605 Squadron was an Intruder Squadron, converting from Bostons onto Mosquito NFIIs in February 1943, with the Squadron's first Mosquito victories coming in March. The Squadron leadership was taken over by Wg Cdr 'Sammy' Hoare in September 1943, who opened his score with the Squadron on his first sortie, and who then scored the 100th kill in March 1944.

Other Squadron pilots went on epic sorties in 1944, including one by Flg Off R. Lelong on 2 October, in which he destroyed six enemy aircraft, claimed one as a Probable, and another 5 as Damaged. The Squadron moved to Europe in September 1944, operating initially from Coxyde in Belgium, then eventually on to Volkel. The unit's Mosquitos were eventually replaced by DH Vampires in July, 1948.

Further Reading:
Mosquito Squadrons of the RAF by Chaz Bowyer


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