8 Squadron

Upsiam et Passim ('Everywhere Unbounded')
Squadron Code(s):
Dates Mosquitos on Squadron Strength:
1st September 1946 to April 1947
Mosquito Variant(s) Flown:
FB.VI (September 1946 to May 1947)
Main Base(s):
Khormaskar (Aden) (September 1946)
Commanding Officer(s):

W/C P.E.St E.O'Brien DFC (September 1946)
S/L F.W.M.Jensen DFC, AFC (February 1947)

Aircraft Examples:
8 Squadron crest
Examples of Types of Operations:

Renumbered from 114 Sqn, which had initially been Liberator unit. Equipped for Fighter / Fighter Bomber role. Mosquitos not on strength until after the close of hostilities.

Further Reading:
Mosquito Squadrons of the RAF by Chaz Bowyer


Squadron profile provided by Mark Huxtable.
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